The magic is in their voices – everything could be his or hers, and they’re gliding into each other in completely unique ways. – Marius Lien, Morgenbladet

In the midst of Norway’s flourishing young creative music scene you’ll find experimental indie duo Listen to Girl, who’s second album ‘Long-term World’ is due out on February 1st via Earthly Habit. Their intimate and delicate sound, an invitation to be guided through new territory via lush duel vocals and soaring chorus hooks.

Listen to Girl is the combination of guitarist/singer Christian Winther together with multi-instrumentalist Ina Sagstuen. With alluring songwriting, an innovative mindset, to magical voices and a driving guitar, the duo embraces their love for post-punk, indie folk and bossa nova. It’s an experience of both something familiar and yet undiscovered.

Debut album “Sea And Dirt” came out in 2016, and got picked up by Susanna Wallumrød, one of Norway’s most distinctive artists, and released as a special vinyl edition on her SusannaSonata label. She wrote: “Catchy and unique, it is an art to write such songs. … an experience of both something familiar and yet undiscovered.” Line Of Best Fit put it this way: “Sounding out of step and out of time from many of the Nordic guitar and pop scenes, it’s this uniqueness which makes them such a refreshing act”.

Winther and Sagstuen are both well known names on the flourishing Norwegian music scene, Winther from the improv- and experimental rock group Monkey Plot aswell as noise band Ich Bin N!ntendo, and Sagstuen from her experimental voice work with Propan, Skadedyr and Susanna. Both are also part of the minimal jazz/rock group Torg, claimed by Norwegian media to be «gathering a bunch of the country’s most interesting musicians» (quote 16.3.18 from Dagens Næringsliv, by Audun Vinger).

Photo by Signe Luksengard